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KAREN (karenputney@yahoo.com)
Date:Sun 04 Jul 2004 09:06:29 PM EDT
Subject:Vicarious Vacation

Hi Guys, So, glad you are back where I can keep an eye on you. Great pictures..can't wait to hear your commentary on them. Gee, Pompei looks about the same as 27 years ago. (I don't get out much) So much time so many countries...man life is good isn't it? Thanks for the commentary Jenni, pictures are nice but words fill in the blanks. I guess you have another month on the road..it goes too fast. Thanks for posting so we can enjoy the trip too. Looking forward to sitting for many evenings and hearing stories of people, places and adventures. LOVE-MOM P.S. THANKS TO - AARON %26 PETER P.P.S. Does this hard drive fiasco involve $$$ Always worrying....MOM


Jeff (quaker@gmail.com)
Date:Sun 04 Jul 2004 04:08:33 PM EDT
Subject:I think it works

yipeee yeah please someone talk to me


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